Grace and Cindy Celebrating 10 Years at Behavior Frontiers!

Congratulations to Grace Gomez and Cindy Williams (Santohigashi) who are celebrating 10 Years at Behavior Frontiers!

Grace Gomez
Grace Gomez began her employment with Behavior Frontiers on June 25, 2005. Early in Grace's senior year of college, Helen passed out employment flyers outside Grace's psychology class at UCLA. Grace held onto this flyer and remembered our company throughout the rest of her senior year. Grace joined Behavior Frontiers shortly after graduating from UCLA. Grace continued her education while at Behavior Frontiers and received her masters from Cal State Long Beach.  Subsequently, Grace took the additional BCBA coursework, passed the BCBA exam and became a Behavior Supervisor at Behavior Frontiers. In 2010, Grace told us that she was moving to Texas with her fiancé, Charles, who is now her husband. We did not want Grace to leave Behavior Frontiers, so Grace decided to open a Behavior Frontiers office in Dallas as a clinical director. This was our first additional office. We did not have any clients in this area, so Grace did all the groundwork to set up the new office, get new clients and hire and train new instructors. Although it was not always easy, Grace maintained a positive attitude and was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that the office succeeded. Grace has continued to grow the Dallas office and allow us to provide exceptional services to children in Texas. We are proud of everything that Grace has given to Behavior Frontiers and our clients.

Thank you Grace for all that you have done over the past 10 years! We look forward to your continued journey with Behavior Frontiers!
Cindy Williams (Santohigashi)
Cindy began her employment with Behavior Frontiers on July 6, 2005, after graduating from UCLA and shortly after we had moved into our current (although a lot smaller) office in LA as the administrative assistant. The office was so new that we did not even have a chair for Cindy to sit on in the lobby when she came in for her interview. Although she had no chair, Cindy could still see the vision of Behavior Frontiers. After Cindy started working at Behavior Frontiers, she got a shiny, new, black Honda Civic. Cindy's role quickly expanded as we grew and she became the office scheduler and then the scheduling coordinator. As we hired additional schedulers, Cindy began to take on billing, HR and compliance tasks. In recent years, Cindy has focused more on the billing and compliance tasks, but still knows almost everything about almost everything in our company. It would be shocking if there is anyone in the company who does not know who Cindy is. Cindy has been the backbone of the company for so many years, and we truly are grateful for everything she has given to the company. The success of Behavior Frontiers is due in large part to the efforts of Cindy over the years. And through it all, Cindy still has her black(ish) and not-so-shiny-and-new, Honda Civic!
Thank you Cindy for all your hard work, long hours, great attitude, smiles and laughs over the past 10 years! We look forward to your next role within Behavior Frontiers!