Behavior Frontiers Attending ABAI May 25-28

Behavior Frontiers will be attending the 38th Annual Convention in Seattle, Washington, May 25–29, 2012, at the Washington State Convention Center. This year's convention includes content from 1,166 submissions, including 466 posters, 256 panels and symposia, 77 papers, 38 invited addresses, 7 invited tutorials, 57 business meetings, 17 reunions, 23 special events, 133 Expo posters, and 92 workshops. There are abundant opportunities to learn and share about the science, practice, education, and professional issues in behavior analysis and we will be on hand to demonstrate our unique ABA training center and programs.

Our executive director, Helen Mader, will be presenting at the following workshops:

# 6 Workshop Increasing Appropriate Behaviors of Children With Autism—Part 1 in a Series
# 61 Workshop Decreasing Problem Behaviors of Children with Autism—Part 2 in a Series
# 11 Paper Session Pricing 101: What rates should behavior analysts charge?