What is Autism?

Autism refers to a range of symptoms and their severity and affects social skills, language, communication and behavior. Click here to learn what to look for.

What is ABA Treatment?

ABA treatment programs focus on applying behavior methods to help improve the behaviors, as well as the overall quality of life, of individuals with autism and other special needs.

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Our exceptional ABA services are provided in a clinic setting as well as a natural setting, such as home, community, or school. Click to find our office location nearest you.


Early diagnosis and an early intervention program for very young children with autism is effective for improving IQ, language ability, and social interaction.

-Autism Speaks


The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) has awarded Behavior Frontiers with an Award of Distinction, recognizing the organization as a top behavioral service provider in the country. The award celebrates exceptional special needs providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff satisfaction, and qualifications and consumer satisfaction.  Read More>>

“Behavior Frontiers is a fantastic example of an organization that is devoted to providing high quality services for their clients with developmental disabilities and ensuring that staff and consumer satisfaction are at the forefront."