Avantages to in-home ABA therapy vs. center based:

We come to you! No need to worry about traveling to another appointment.

Positive behavior change occurs more easily in your home, where it is a safe and familiar environmentfor your child. 

We use natural environment teaching to work on skills that matter most to you!

Your child's daily routine can be easily incorporated to teach new skills.

We capitalize on the parent–child relationship, which is critical for your child’s social and behavioral development. 

We provide you with practical strategies and support to help your child succeed! 


Early diagnosis and an early intervention program for very young children with autism is effective for improving IQ, language ability, and social interaction. 


 -Autism Speaks

Social Skills Groups - Now available in Orange County and currently enrolling!

  • All age groups welcome.
  • Groups will include 4 or 5 participants based on assessment.
  • Each group will be individualized based on skill, age and assessment.
  • Sessions will run 6 weeks and each session will run an hour and a half.
  • Skills will include problem solving/planning, communication skills, social skills, pragmatics, inference and perspective taking skills, cooperative group behavior, interactive play skills or establishing and maintaining peer relationships.
  • Strategies for teaching social skills will include role play, social stories, video modeling and behaviorally based teaching strategies. These skills will be broken down into beginning, intermediate and advanced skills for different groups.
  • Once the participant is assessed and placed in a group, in order to progress to the next group in the sequence the participant must demonstrate mastery in their current skill of focus/group.  
  • Each group session will include participants greeting each other, attending to a brief lesson on the skill of focus, followed by putting this skill into practice.

Call today to put your child’s name on the list for his/her age group!