15th Anniversary Celebrations Event
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15th Anniversary Celebrations Event
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Behavior Frontiers Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

A milestone celebration of clients, families, and the autism community

Behavior Frontiers is turning 15 years old this month! To mark this momentous occasion, and as an expression of our gratitude and appreciation, we’re planning a series of events for clients, employees, and for the autism community at locations across the United States.

Helen Mader (MA, BCBA) opened the doors to Behavior Frontiers in 2004. What started as a single BCBA inspired by the desire to provide clients and their families with superior quality ABA services has grown into an agency that currently serves more than 1,000 clients across 24 locations in 10 states that remains committed to excellence.

“So much has changed over the last 15 years and yet so much has stayed the same,” Helen reflects. “While we have grown tremendously, our core values remain unchanged: the services we provide are rooted in scientific research and they are inspired by a deep desire to help individuals with autism live their very best lives.”

“We have focused on ensuring that as we grow we continue to provide our phenomenal staff with the tools and resources they need to make a real difference in our clients’ and their families’ quality of life.  And, there is nothing more satisfying than helping our clients succeed and live more independently. We take great pride in each and every one of our clients’ achievements and are absolutely elated when they graduate altogether from our services,” Mader beams.

Throughout the year of celebration, we will be looking back at where we started and at how far we’ve come, all with an eye to the future. We’re on a growth trajectory with the ultimate goal of offering families across the United States the opportunity to access our superior quality services. “We never want families to have to compromise,” Helen concludes.

Stay tuned for information and special events throughout Behavior Frontiers’ 15 year anniversary!

Click Video to watch the entire interview!

Click Video to watch the entire interview!

Behavior Frontiers Through the Years


Cindy Williams – Behavior Frontiers’ #1 Administrative Assistant

Williams, Cindy.jpg

It was all the way back in 2005 that I began my journey as Behavior Frontiers’ very first Administrative Assistant. I had just returned from eight months abroad when I began my job search. I wanted a position where my work would make a difference -- a job where I could help people. Thankfully, I found Behavior Frontiers (or perhaps Behavior Frontiers found me?).  Soon I was answering phones, ordering office supplies, driving around town to client homes picking up logbooks and providing back-office support to the growing Behavior Frontiers team.

We had approximately 10 clients back then, and about as many technicians, including Carrie Pilkington, who is now one of our Regional Clinical Directors.

As the years passed, I worked on the development of virtually every aspect of Behavior Frontiers’ administration - scheduling, HR, and billing – and have witnessed the company’s growth from a start-up with 10 clients and a single office, to a national company serving more than 1,000 clients all over the country.

I still remember the names of the clients we had nearly a decade and a half ago and the hard work and dedication each team member put into their programs. And, that dedication and commitment to high quality service has remained unchanged -- from the behavior technicians who show up every day and throw their heart and soul into each clients’ program, to the BCBAs who design and supervise the treatment plans, and the administrative team that hold down the fort behind the scenes, it truly is a team effort of which I am proud to be a part.

Cindy Williams joined Behavior Frontiers in 2005 as the company’s first Administrative Assistant. In 2018 she was formally promoted to Director of Operations. Her legacy knowledge is unrivaled, as are her daily contributions to the company’s health, growth and on-going performance.


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