The Behavior Frontiers’ Team Wants You to Succeed!


Believe it or not, I got into the field of ABA because of my mom. She told me stories about how she had worked in a group home for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and how much she wished she could go back to it. She suggested that I look into a similar job and try working with kids with autism. So, I did, and it was the best decision of my life. I found a job opening at Behavior Frontiers, interviewed, and decided to go for it.

I was incredibly nervous when I first started. I felt inadequate in my knowledge of ABA and had no clue what to expect. But, I had great trainers and the further I got into my training, the more confident I felt.

When I started working with clients on my own, I took the reins and put everything I learned into practice, but I wasn’t alone. I had – and continue to have -- a wonderful support system. When I was just starting out, one of my case managers took me under her wing. The more I worked with her, the more feedback I received, allowing me to practice, learn and gain confidence. And, as my confidence grew, I realized that this was the career I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.

So, I set a goal for myself to obtain my master’s degree and eventually work my way up to become a BCBA. I quickly became a senior instructor, and then a training coordinator. I am now halfway to my goal: I’ve been promoted to Case Manager and have started my supervision to sit for the BCBA exam. I could not have started down this path without the support and encouragement of my first Behavior Frontiers’ case manager, and the ongoing support of my supervisors and clinical director.

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” describes how I feel about my job at Behavior Frontiers. I love the camaraderie and especially enjoy the collaborative team spirit. The company’s social events were a great way to meet the other employees and to get to know everyone, as well as to “talk shop” with people who actually understand what I am talking about. Not to mention the fact that the social events are incredibly fun.

My advice to those just starting out with Behavior Frontiers is: Give yourself a chance to really experience the job. Everything you do here is an opportunity to learn and grow.

If I have learned anything, it’s that the Behavior Frontiers’ team wants you to succeed -- your success means your clients’ success! I am proud to say that I have found my home and my career path here with Behavior Frontiers.

Justine Hernandez started with Behavior Frontiers as a Behavior Instructor in 2016, was promoted to Senior Behavior Instructor, then to Training Coordinator, and now she is a Case Manager supervising clients in Behavior Frontiers’ San Jose, CA region.