Celebrating 10 Years in Business

As we take this time to celebrate our 10 years in business, we are reminded why we decided to take on the endeavor of opening Behavior Frontiers. Our mission has always been to provide each family and child with the highest quality individualized behavioral services possible and to provide our therapist and therapy network of supportive members the highest quality training in ABA therapy techniques.

One goal seems clear above all. To provide a collaborative, educational and research-based approach, empowering the entire family to achieve their potential for life-long growth....for all the families at Behavior Frontiers to receive “priority” treatment in regard to staffing, scheduling, programming, and overall time commitment. Behavior Frontiers is an agency in which families and employees are valued and respected throughout all aspects of the treatment program.

Watching the successes of the children and families we work with means we are achieving what we set out to do and more. We appreciate everyone who has shared this journey with us and continue to grow onwards and upwards.

Treatment for Autism - Los Angeles

Behavior Frontiers' headquarters is expanding services for the treatment of autism in the Los Angeles area. We have expanded our team, promoted experienced team members and provided additional training to our entire staff. In addition, we have implemented a new free and secure insurance verification process that streamlines the start of services and helps reduce the stress and burden of finding the right treatment team for your child. Our services are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an approach considered to be at the forefront of interventions for children with autism. ABA therapy is widely recognized as the single most effective treatment for children with an autism and the only treatment shown to lead to substantial, lasting improvements in the lives of children with autism. Find out more about of LA office here.