Congratulations! Through your hard work and dedication you have found the right place to get the necessary applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for your child. You surely want only the best treatment for your child and we are confident that Behavior Frontiers’ ABA treatment program is just that. Our accurate use of scientifically proven ABA methods from our highly-trained clinical team enables us to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with autism and other special needs.

Your child is unique and therefore we believe it is our job to design a behavior intervention treatment plan that is individualized to your child’s specific needs. Our behavior supervisors continually assess each child’s needs and use Behavior Frontiers extensive curriculum objectives to create a specialized program for each child.

Given the importance of early intervention, we are committed to using proven ABA interventions to ensure that each child is progressing at the fasted rate possible, while still remembering and using new skills in the natural setting.

Our highly skilled staff members are trained in a wide range of ABA methods so that they have many options to find the intervention that works best to meet your child’s specific needs. Also, Behavior Frontiers curriculum includes over one thousand lessons that can be customized to teach children with autism and other disabilities the new skills they may need across numerous developmental areas.

Data-Driven Progress
Behavior Frontiers understands the importance of taking data on your child’s progress. Measuring your child’s progress with data collection is the best way to prevent time from being wasted, since data shows all team members exactly when your child is ready to move on in the behavior intervention plan.

Professionally Trained Staff
At Behavior Frontiers, we believe in providing extensive training to our own staff members, so that they have the skills they need to effectively help children with a range of behavior challenges. Our behavior instructors receive initial, in-office instruction and practice in autism, ABA methods, data collection, and ethical issues. They also receive trainings in specialized topics, such as school shadowing, social facilitation, play skills training, toilet training, Picture Exchange Communication System, Non-violent Crisis Intervention, and more.

Additionally, our behavior instructors have completed competency-based training in which they accurately and independently implemented these ABA methods with children with autism and other special needs. All our behavior instructors have also passed both written and field evaluations demonstrating their proficiency with understanding and using these techniques.

Furthermore, our senior behavior instructors and our behavior supervisors have completed advanced competency-based trainings related to their positions.

Frequent Supervision
Behavior Frontiers understands that it is necessary for your child’s case supervisor to monitor your student’s behavior intervention program on a frequent basis so that the details of your child’s specific needs are fully understood and targeted.

Parent Involvement
As a parent, you know your child the best, which is why we welcome parent input and feedback regarding your child’s ABA program.

Please contact us to learn more about how Behavior Frontiers’ ABA treatment program can benefit your child and improve the quality of life for your family.